From leaving a fairly active certainly stressful job I suppose I put on some weight. Infact my trouser size had increased to 44in waist and I could feel even that was getting tight. I had resigned myself that this was life and I just had to put up with it. About that time I met Anita of Bare Essentials North East and she told me of a new laser machine she had just bought for Lipo-Laser. I had heard of liposuction, in fact I had seen a spoof TV program where they had been sucking the fat off people to sell to the shop next door to fry the Fish & Chips. Liposuction seemed an answer but it was too expensive and I am a coward and couldn’t face them drilling a hole into me to drain off the fat. Anita told me how cheap Lipo-Laser was and explained how it worked. I must confess I was a little apprehensive thinking it’s just a gimmick, however Anita is Anita, and I could see that she believed in it and thought I’ll give it a go. At each treatment Anita measured my waist and at the end re measured and sure enough the weight was leaving my body. Now Anita can be stubborn and she had been refusing me treatment unless I did a ‘Work Out’ in the gym afterwards, as that is the ideal for this kind of treatment. I am equally stubborn and told her that nothing would beat my determination and also I never have in my life believed in non-earning exercises and gyms are not part of my life, however I would walk and achieve the same as a ‘Gym Workout’. By my second week I went to get undressed on the night and my trousers fell straight off still fastened, and every week I was having to wear smaller and smaller trousers. Anita had told me I needed 6 treatments and when I had the final treatment I was wearing 34 in waist trousers. I have maintained that trouser size for over a year now & feel so healthier. It really is unbelievable. Since then I have attended Anita at Billingham every week and had a Detox massage. This is one of the most amazing experiences I have had, and it seems to get better. She is so gentle. I know Anita specialises in DEEP TISSUE massage which is good for aches & pains but as I said earlier I am a coward and like luxury, and the gentle soft style Anita adopts for her Detox massage is heaven to me. Like most people, I suppose I over the years had developed the odd ache and pain, but I can honestly say that with my weekly massage from Anita all pains have disappeared. For anyone who has not tried a massage from Anita you just don’t know what you are missing.
- Carl Williams


Been seeing Anita on and off for around 18 months, I have had massages in lots of places around the world and can honestly say Anita is up there with the best. If you have any problems she will find it weather you tell her or not. For such a small person she can really pile on the pressure, but if you want gentle then that's fine also. Give her a try you will not regret it.
- Derek Hurst

Tattoo removal

I have been to clinics who claim to be tattoo removers and had little or no success. Since coming across Anita @ Bare Essentials i have now had 3 sessions with great results. A very friendly service in comfortable surroundings and more importantly very reasonably priced. If your considering tattoo removal then Anita @ Bare Essentials is the place to be. Thank you.
- Andy Ryan

Pregnancy Massage Reviews

“Anita is a very well trained therapist who offers a wide variety of treatments. She is very professional and has a kind nature making you at ease throughout your treatment.
I love my weekly appointments thank you xx”

“Recently had a pregnancy massage and one of the best treatments I’ve had – Anita is very professional and friendly and I was put to ease straight away! Will be returning for another soon! 5* highly recommended”

“Absolutely fantastic lovely lady definitely going back”

“I’ve just had a pregnancy massage and a facial. I feel amazing and so relaxed I didn’t want it to end thank you. Friendly and welcoming place, Would highly recommend I’ve rebooked “

“What a lovely lady ! Makes you feel at ease and comfortable:) “

“First and best pregnancy massage I’ve had! Just had to book back in so I can’t wait until my next one in 2 weeks time! Thank you anita “

“Had a pregnancy massage this morning off Anita what a lovely lady she is …i feel so much better highly recommend”

“Just had the most amazing baby massage from Anita. Feel so relaxed and so chilled. If could give more than 5 stars I definitely would. Will be recommending to everyone”

“Had the most amazing pregnancy massage today from Anita.. she was so friendly and such a relaxed environment. Would recommend to anyone!! Will certainly be going back pre and post baby!!”

“Just had my first pregnancy massage and it was amazing. I feel so relax I am so looking forward to my next one. I would highly recommend. Xx”

“Just had the most amazing pregnancy back massage! Half hour to get rid of knots I didn’t know I had, feel totally relaxed and have booked again before baby arrives. Highly recommend”

Deep Tissue Massage Reviews

“I’m currently training for a boxing event and have been going to see Anita for deep tissue massage every few weeks in my training. The massages help so much with recovery and I always feel so much better after them. Really can not recommend Bare Essentials enough” – Tom

“Been to see antia today fantastic deep tissue massage would recommended feel tons better all ready thank very much xx” – Joanne

“Excellent service from Anita. Really pleased as I feel much better. I have been to different places over the past 2years and Anita is so far the best as she has managed to get knots out. No messing about” – Nadia

“John and I had deep tissue massages with Anita. For a little lady, she is incredibly strong and the massage was brilliant and very therapeutic. It is also very relaxing and de-stressing. Looking forward to our next treatment. Thank you Anita xx “ – Angela

“Anita is a lovely lady who has helped me with my aches and pains with her massage. I can fully recommend her, deep tissue work for the knots then a relaxing massage. Very good value for money. Just been today as suffering with jarring my back – again – Anita has loosened it off and even didn’t mind me swearing at her during the deep tissue work! Thanks you are on speed dial! X “ – Adele

“Had a deep tissue massage today. Was fabulous, quite painful at times, but I am really feeling the benefit now. I suffer with muscular back pain and I feel a lot looser already. Will definitely be going back “ – Helen

“Had a full body massage today at short notice. It was my first proper massage and i loved it, I’ll definitely be back. I would recommend Anita’s services to everyone” – Dan

“Anita is lovely and the deep tissue massage I had today has helped my back and shoulders enormously” – Nancy

“Oh my gosh! Best massage ever! It was amazing. Feeling so relaxed and chilled” – Louisa

“Found knots I didn’t know I had and sorted them right out, would definitely recommend” – Jayne

“I have had massages in lots of places around the world and can honestly say Anita is up there with the best. If you have any problems she will find it whether you tell her or not. For such a small person she can really pile on the pressure” – Derek

“Just had a back massage, knots gone, feeling relaxed and ready for a kip” – Anne

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